His Photo

This started with an exercise given at the writing group I attend. We had been given the brief of writing about a photo that had been lost and while I couldn’t think of a photo personally, so instead I wrote it from the point of view of a secondary character in my current WIP.

Not sure where this would fit into the characters story, but the time period would be late 19th Century – early 20th Century and in the same story universe as Love in Rebellion.


Percy’s hand went to the pocket of his jacket out of habit. There wasn’t anything there anymore. Hadn’t been for years, the photo tossed overboard in a fit of anger and he’d regretted it ever since. But in a way he didn’t need the photo, the serious studio image of the man he’d left behind. That wasn’t how he wanted to remember him, preferring to think of the smiles he wore when they were alone; the way his eyes crinkled at the edges and cheeks dusted red. The photo had captured none of those, but his mind had and some days, Percy wished it hadn’t. He wished he couldn’t remember him at all.

He shouldn’t.

He was a part of Percy’s past and one he would – could – never revisit. The photo a reminder of the life he couldn’t have and why he’d chosen to leave it – him – behind. Percy wished he could see his face again.



Dangerous Lessons CoverDangerous Love Cover

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