Rainbow Snippet–Love on the Mound

This is from a piece of writing that has been Shelved, But Not Forgotten.  A sports based second-chance romance.It happened fast. The blink of an eye, the blur of a moment between it happening and the realising of what it meant. He could remember catching the ball in his mitt; reaching round to tag the... Continue Reading →

Shelved, But Not Forgotten–Behind the Plate

This one needs more editing… but it is part of a Sports Romance I was toying with.  Rivalry/friendship to Lovers theme. …………………………………………. Tadaaki’s eyes fervently darted between the dugout and the pitcher in front of him on the mound, not wanting to miss any signs before making his decision on the pitch. He could hear... Continue Reading →

His Photo

This started with an exercise given at the writing group I attend. We had been given the brief of writing about a photo that had been lost and while I couldn’t think of a photo personally, so instead I wrote it from the point of view of a secondary character in my current WIP. Not... Continue Reading →

Ten Years Later–Short Story

This is another story/scene I wrote for a Creative Writing Paper.  It in truth, started its life as a possible idea for fanfiction, but got turned into this.………………………………Oliver trudged up the stairs, ruing his decision to purchase the fifth-floor apartment. The view across the city skyline toward the harbour was worth it, he tried to... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets: Dangerous Love

This weeks Rainbow Snippet is another from Dangerous Love available for purchase soon, the second book in my The Yakuza and the English Teacher  series.His hands shook. The glass of whiskey he held slipped from his fingers, crashing to the ground. Broken shards of glass, whiskey spread across the floor, but all Gou could see... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Dangerous Lessons

This snippet comes from the first chapter of Dangerous Lessons which I published back in December. It is the first book in three book series – The Yakuza and the English Teacher, following the relationship of Jamie (a New Zealander in Kyoto to teach English) and Gou (Kyoto Yakuza Boss, who also owns the school... Continue Reading →

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