Dangerous Lessons Excerpt

Falling in Love


The first book in my series

The Yakuza and the English Teacher

is available now to purchase.


“Jamie.” Gou sat down on the seat next to him and the chilly breeze swirling through the club changed into a polar blast, biting into Jamie’s heated skin.

“Why are you here?” he hissed, gripping the glass bottle in his hand tight as he tried to fight against his body’s reaction to the man. Tried to tamp down the flickering flames of arousal. “Are you following me?” An idea that both thrilled and angered him.

Gou waved the bartender down and a glass of whiskey was soon pushed toward him, leaving Jamie confused. This club was not the type of place he expected to see someone like Gou. Age aside, the three-piece suit he wore more suited to the bars on the other side of the river in Gion, than here.

Gou knocked back the drink and signalled for another before turning to stare at Jamie, a dangerous grin on his face. “I own this place, Jamie,” the power radiating from him spoke of a danger Jamie wouldn’t have associated with a mere businessman. Predatory. Fear invoking. “No one will touch you. They know you are mine, now,” the words falling across his skin as Gou leaned forward, scorching it.

Jamie wanted to leave. Wanted to get angry at the man as he possessively staked his claim. But Jamie could do neither without causing a scene, not that it mattered, he had no intention of returning to this nightclub again.

Gou’s hand landed heavily on his shoulder as the man stood in front of him, pulling Jamie’s gaze back to him. “I own all the bars and clubs like this one, here in Kyoto,” he stilled as the hand on his shoulder squeezed hard and the danger rippling through Gou’s voice became more pronounced. “And I know the owners of similar establishments throughout the entire Kansai region,” Jamie glared at Gou, the man smirking as though satisfied he had won. Had the man not listened to anything he had said, two nights ago. “No one will touch you, Jamie, because you are mine.”

“I’m not a possession Gou,” he growled, trying to stand up and leave. But Gou pushed him back down, caging him against the bar. “You can’t control me like this.”

Gou didn’t step back, his predatory grin fixed in place as he kept Jamie pressed hard against the bar. Jamie stared at him, noticed the flickering emotions in the man’s eyes and realised how much he was restraining himself as a battle raged inside of Gou. If Gou’s possessive side won, then Jamie knew the older man wouldn’t hesitate to haul him out of this place, whether Jamie wanted to go or not. He didn’t mind him staking a claim, to make him feel wanted, needed to such an overwhelming extent, but he didn’t like how Gou displayed it. He refused to be controlled, to be treated like a toy for Gou’s amusement.

Jamie watched as Gou leaned in, unable to move away from him as the man’s lips stopped millimetres from his ear. The breath giving voice to his words drifted across with a burning heat and Jamie struggled to maintain his composure. Arousal flared in his veins once more, refusing to be ignored. “You are the only one who has drawn out my possessive side, the desperate need to claim someone as my own.”


“You’re mine, Jamie. Even if you don’t realise it, can’t admit that you want it,” he stepped back from Jamie, leaving him flustered against the bar. “But, you are right. I can’t control you,” spreading his arms out wide, gesturing to Jamie that he could leave. “You know where to find me, Jamie. I will be waiting.”

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