Guest post: Point of view and language by Naomi Aoki


As a Romance Writer, my preferred method of crafting stories is to write them in third-person limited/dual point of view. I like being able to convey both sides of the story as a relationship between the two main characters develops. Occasionally one of the secondary characters will get a word in and give their opinion on proceedings, but there needs to be a darn good reason for them doing so – or they are just too damn noisy.

In saying that, my characters can get rather vocal while I’m drafting, shouting out their wishes and desires until I write it down, sometimes it’s even contrary to how I thought the story should go… but it is their story to tell… and I’m getting side-tracked.

But, in my current WIP, my preferred method of storytelling is not the one I’m using. Instead it’s being written in third-person/single point of view, for…

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Adventures in Writing

Daughter (13yrsold): What are you doing?Me: Researching zips.Daughter: Why?Me: Need to know when they started using zippers in clothing.Daughter: Why is that important? (stares at me as though I’m bonkers)Me: Because the speed at which he can get his pants off depends on whether he’s fumbling with buttons or dealing with dodgy zippers.Daughter: Muumm!Me: Well, …

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