Stuck in My Head

We all have songs that get stuck in our heads. Lyrics, music beats which decide our mind is the best place to hang out, dancing about inside it without caring if you actually like it. Annoying advertising jingles for products you’ll never buy; the latest catchy tune everyone is singing or even a song from decades past that shouts Surprise! Remember me?

Don’t you?

I know I do – songs that make their presence known at some ungodly hour of the morning when I thought I was asleep. The worse problem is that my music tastes are broad, eclectic and cover more than one language.  These days you are more likely to find Japanese and Chinese songs dominating my playlists, especially when I’m writing –right now Mayday is playing in the background as I write this – doesn’t stop me from singing along. But then I’ve studied both languages. Not that I’m fluent in either, its more like a mashed up understanding of both, where I can speak a little and read a little – stare blankly at someone for five minutes if they tried to talk to me, especially with Chinese – get the general gist of conversations. So the songs getting stuck in my head aren’t just those being sung in English, and sometimes that makes it worse, because not only is my mind trying to remember how to sing a song in another language, it tries to translate it… tries to remember the characters scrolling across the bottom of the video… And there is no going back to sleep until the song is replaced with another or pushed from my mind.

But its not only music that gets stuck in my head, digs itself in for the long haul and refuses to leave me in peace. Characters from stories also make their presence known, often when I’m nowhere near a pen and paper to write it down, like when I’m out walking or standing at the washing line. They sit there and tease me with the stories they wished told, the way they want certain events to playout and sometimes taking the story in a direction I might not have thought of. Characters who I may have only thought of briefly, never meant to take a staring role in the book I’m writing suddenly demand their story to be shared, written down. Impatient to have their name mentioned, to be introduced in the story already being written, though their own story will have to come later, a different book – if only they would let me finish writing this one – these three.

The songs getting stuck in my head at the moment are, because I want to share the joy – pain.

Song of Ordinary People – Mayday

Dead in Tokyo – Man with a Mission

Warrior – Imagine Dragons

Dreamer – One Ok Rock

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