Rainbow Snippets: New WIP

My progress on my current WIP was tracking well until Friday NZ time and then it all stuttered and it's taking a bit to get back into the right mindset. Still trying to process that something so horrific could happen in a country like mine and in place that is still recovering from devestating earthquakes.... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets: Starting a New WIP

I've been busy writing on multiple fronts recently. Tokyo Nights: Season Two Episodes is currently being edited and episodes published every fortnight - so far two episodes have gone live. Also have begun working on my next WIP is an untitled novel centered around a paleontologist and a translator/guide he employeees during 1870's China. I'm... Continue Reading →

Summer writers series: Death of a Writer by Naomi Aoki

A guest post 🙂

Jamie Sands - Author


I logged into Draft2Digital (D2D) today to check on the publishing progress of a book with Amazon, surprise, surprise, it had not yet gone live. But was even more interesting; annoying as hell was the need to add another layer of kowtowing to Amazon and say that I give D2D permission to publish my books, on my behalf to Amazon. I know, you’d think the fact that uploaded my books to the D2D site and then checked a box would be all the proof that Amazon needed, it’s not for them to stand guard of me and protect me from unscrupulous publishers…. Oh wait, it has nothing to do with protecting me at all. It has everything to do with Amazon trying to further extend the monopoly that they have over the publishing industry, especially where it concerns Indie/Self-publishers.

Amazon is a monopoly, a horrific bullying one who doesn’t…

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Rainbow Snippets – Tokyo Nights S2

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes straight from the first draft of Season Two- Episode Seven, and is on the darker side of the Tokyo Nights universe. It is centred around my protaganist Goushi Asano, who as head of the Yamashita Organisation - Yakuza - you would expect him to be a less than law-abiding person;... Continue Reading →

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